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My coat is long and I am just SO SO pretty.

Pretty boy

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These next two photos were taken on the day I came home. I had just come from the grooming people and was just about to meet that dominating bitch, Spunkie....MY sister.

Me, Me, Charley!

Me, Me, Charley!

Me: My Very Own Story, by Me!

On Friday, the 19th of July,1996 Jeanne Brosh, a very, very nice lady who is something great called a volunteer where I was staying, posted my story on the Internet. I was in the Cumberland County ASPCA and in deep, deep trouble. They had no room and I had been a bad boy since coming in a few days earlier. Monday was going to be IT!!!

Steven (Daddy) read the message and talked to Hilary (Mommy) and Spunkie (Sis) immediately. They decided to spring me and find me a good home -- my last home was bad. The Animal Cruelty people sprung me from there. Of course I had other plans.

Mom and Dad showed up at the shelter at 10 the next morning and by 10:30 we were on the way to what I had already decided was my new vet, Dr. Brady. I licked Dad all the way there which Mommy thought was very funny. They did notice I was really, really stinky and really dirty and had ticks so they used some funny thing in the car to call someone about giving me some clean ups.

The nice vet said I was in real good health, but needed a bath. And the nice groomers, who don't especially like long-haired dogs, said I was great, a real gentleman, whatever that is. And I won a prize!!!!! I was dirty dog of the month!!!!!!!

Then I went home (I already knew I was staying even if Mommy and Daddy were clueless) and met my new sister Spunkie. She beat me up. I let her of course.

Chapter 2 is being pawed in and will be here very very soon.

My Very Own Story Continued!!!!!

Chapter 5b

On Wednesday, March 5th, Daddy was paying way too much attention to Tammy the intruder puppy. So I decided to amuse myself and hunt some food down.

While prowling the kitchen counter tops I found this neat paper thingie with something inside it. Smelled good and was light enough to haul off. So what'd you think I did? I took it into the place in the dining room where Spunkie used to spit out the bits of dry food that weren't perfect.

Settling down with my kill, I ate the nice papery stuff. Tasted a little cardboardy, but I LIKE CARDBOARD. The thing inside was round and had tasty aluminum and plastic at one end. So I chomped it.

Boy was that weird. The top part crackled and broke and some of the pieces like hurt me. It was like heinous stuff. But I went all through all the pieces anyway, looking for the good stuff. The aluminum stuff was delicious and easy to chew up, as good as the stuff cheesesteaks come wrapped in. There was this round black thing that was too chewy. It broke in half and I swallowed the big part.

Then Daddy walked in and saw me. Boy was he upset. He really seriously overreacted. I mean like I chew stuff up all the time. And so do my friends Five and Cuma. So does that bossy Spunkie. But like I said Daddy was WAY UNCOOL.

He called Mommy and said I ate something called a GE 100-watt Soft White light bulb. SO WHAT. It wasn't like I didn't leave them any to eat. It wasn't like I ate a whole steak (fat chance they'd leave one of them around for me). There's whole other boxes of these light bulbie things around.

When Mommy came home she was at least as UNCOOL. But I did get extra dinner so maybe I had the right idea.

They gave me a car ride (COOL) to this nice place where that nice Dr. Greer poked me all over. I let her do that cause she's much smaller than Dr. Brady and more my size. She was also nice to me.

They took me away and put me on this table and told me to hold still. Right. Like I even know what the word means. So then they gave me something and I don't remember nothing at all for a long time except I felt very, very good.

Next I can remember Mommy was feeding me this great tasting glop and everyone including Tammy and Spunks were watching me all the time.

Finally about 8 poops later, Daddy got very happy. He said he found what he was looking for. Is that normal? Do all Dads do that with poop? I don't know.

I still don't know what the big deal was.

This is the part of light bulb base Charley did NOT swallow. Imagine the rest of the circle and that's what showed up in his belly on the xrays. This picture is actual size and about 1/4-inch thick. The rest of it? Well, we have it, but you really don't want to see or smell it.

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