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On April 21st, 1996 we picked up Spunkie at Sandi Smith's house in Woodbridge, VA. She's a Keeshond (pronounce that caze-hund, please). She was living with some people in Virginia who couldn't keep her, but who had taken her from a real bad home. She was a perfect, if extraordinarily stubborn and willful, lady from the moment she saw our car, hopped into the driver's seat, and refused to budge (it took three strong people to convince her the back seat was hers). She is still the most perfect dog in the world and getting more perfect every day.

She's 3 now we think, but just 3. In the first two years of her life she was shaved a couple of times, forced to live outdoors during a really bad winter with only a doghouse for shelter, and not allowed to walk on any hard surfaced floors when she was allowed in the house.

Fuzzy butt

Spunkie is shy with strangers, but also proud of her real fuzzy butt. Tall thin men still scare her, but little kids are her greatest joy. She likes to slowly go up to them and have them touch and play with her. She knows all the small children for blocks around. Many think she's a living teddy bear.

I wrote this next part myself! Charley and Daddy helped a little tiny bit!

Sometimes Mommy and Daddy take me to the woods outside Warrior's Mark, Pennsylvania, where I can safely run off my lead and bound and play. I love it. One day Mommy asked me to play fetch so I went and got an appropriate stick to fetch. Mommy didn't think so. Humans can be so wimpy.

Mommy and Daddy also take Charley to the woods. He doesn't like to be off leash near as much as me, but he did show me something really neat. I was walking around the mud puddles in the road. He rolls in them! I tried it it too. NEAT. And Mommy and Daddy get SO SO excited. They must think it's neat too, although I haven't seen them do it. Wonder why? Anyway, here's a picture of me and the Brat Boy enjoying ourselves in the woods.

Spunkie & Sandi Smith
Spunkie (Fancy at the time) and Sandi Smith, who got us all together. Note the red in coat, a result of poor food and outdoor living. Not a trace remains today.

Click on any of the small pictures below to see the absolutely fabulous full size versions. The full versions average about 30 seconds a picture to download with a 28,800-bps modem.

Crossing a streetSniff sniff sniffPortrait

The great hunterTabled!Bart at his breakfast

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